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Electric winch shunting LEM-10 two-drum
In stock 
300000 UAH
LEM-10 winch it is intended for movement of railway cars on loading and unloading sites of railway warehouses. The winch shunting LEM-10 are calculated for movement of 10 railway cars weighing payload up to 750 tons that will allow to replace a locomotive - expensive in operation and rent. Raising...
Group: Winches for mines
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Pump Sh, NMSh, NMShF and NMShG volume gear with internal support on paws (NMShF - flange), in it supply of working liquid is provided with the gear wheels established on conducted and conducting, connected by the coupling to the electric motor, shaft. Pumps are supplied with the safety valves...
Group: Petroleum pumps
Grabs are rope
In stock 
Grab (maxillary ladle) - it is a kind of cargo capture which is applied during the loading and unloading works with lumpy and bulks (sand, slag, crushed stone, gravel, coal, etc.). It is applied on gantry, bridge and tower cranes, and also on excavators instead of a usual ladle. Various designs of...
Group: Grapples
Pavement crane, crane beam basic
In stock 
Cranes are irreplaceable equipment on any building site. LLC Company Plazma ® offers the wide range of construction load-lifting equipment: cranes pavements, crane beam, cranes goat, cranes console, tower cranes, and also crane and metallurgical electric motors, etc. Considering wishes of buyers...
Group: Cranes bridge
The winch shunting LM-71 with the mechanism of shutdown of a drum
In stock 
200000 UAH
LM-71 winch it is intended for the works connected with cargo transfer on a horizontal way. It can be used for pulling up of railway cars with a loading capacity of 63-125 t on loading points. The Malogabaritnost and compactness of winches are caused by their design. are made in two designs: -...
Group: Winches for mines
Shunting MU-12M2A devices with a hook hook
In stock 
680000 UAH
Shunting MU-12M2A device it is intended for movement in both directions of railway cars and structures on the through passage or deadlock ways of loading points and other purposes during the shunting works at a temperature from-35 to +35 °C in the conditions which are not demanding special...
Group: Shunting mine equipments
Oil pump transformer ETsT 100/8 (MT 100/8, AHMT 100/8, T-100/8, 5T-100/8)
In stock 
The pump ETsT is intended for pumping of the state standard specification 10121-76 transformer oil with a temperature to plus 80 °C in cooling systems of power transformers of stationary installations. It is used on transformer stationary objects: Hydroelectric power station, state district power...
Group: Pumps pneumatic for oils and lubricants
Pump KMX65-40-200, KMX 65-40-200
In stock 
The pump KMX65-40-200 - centrifugal, horizontal, monoblock, one-stage. It is intended for pumping of chemically active liquids with a density up to 1850 kg/m ³ and the content of mechanical impurity in number of no more than 0,1% on weight with a size of particles no more than 0,2 mm....
Group: Chemical pumps
Electric winch mounting LM-3,2 and LM-3,2M
In stock 
65000 UAH
LM-3,2 winch it is intended for production of hoisting-and-transport operations at construction, installation and other works, and also for a complete set of cranes of boom perestavny, construction elevators and other lifting devices. The winch is not intended for raising of people. It is...
Group: Winches
Machine loading PPN-1S
In stock 
Car loading PPN-1S pneumatic direct loading, it is intended for loading of the blown-up mountain mass of any fortress and abrasivity in trolleys, on the conveyor or other vehicles at a driving of horizontal excavations on the developed underground mineral deposits and construction of underground...
Group: Vertical mine workings of the shafts of the mines
Electric motors
In stock 
Electric motors - it is the electrical machine in which electric energy will be transformed in mechanical, side effect is allocation of heat. Principle of operation of electric motors. The principle of electromagnetic induction is the basis for operation of any electrical machine. The electric...
Group: Electric motors
Motor reducers planetary MPO-1M, MPO-2M
In stock 
MPO-1M motor reducer one-stage, is intended for drives of the mixing devices used in chemical, medical, microbiological and other industries. It can be used also for drives of cars of general purpose. Loading constant and variable of one direction and reversive. Application conditions MPO-1M...
Group: Reducers
Pump KS50-55, KS 50-55
In stock 
The pump KC50-55 - centrifugal horizontal console condensate spiral type. Are intended for pumping of condensate in steam networks of the thermal power plants working at organic fuel and also the liquids similar with the maintenance of firm particles. Condensate has to have a hydrogen indicator rn...
Group: Industrial pumps
Vacuum pumps VVN, VVN1, 2NVR, AVZ
In stock 
Vacuum pumps VVN, VVN1, 2NVR, AVZ in assortmen
Group: Vacuum pumps
Winch auxiliary LV-45
In stock 
Winch auxiliary LV-45 it is intended for movement of the equipment and materials on inclined planes (to 30 °) to developments of the coal mines dangerous on gas and dust. Adjustment of speed and smooth start-up is provided. The winch consists of a drum with a reducer, two emergency brakes (a brake...
Group: Winches for mines


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